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Imagine being able to transform your relationship in just 4 weeks

Relationship Repair

Saradee & Kelly's journey back to LOVE

" Immense gratitude for Monika!  She’s turned our relationship around from divorce to delightful again.  I like that there is no talking about the problems like you would with counselling!  You arrive at the session together, the real issues Monika reveals and it all mends itself like magic!  The insights and information she gives are literally priceless!  We have become one of those happy couples again. 

I went from hating my husband and life to loving it all and looking forward to the future.  The energy shift in the relationship and household is palpable.  I am absolutely blown away but Monika’s ability to swiftly get to the root cause, identify exactly what everyone is feeling and also highlight what was unknown.  It is unbelievable how quick the healing and repairing of my Marriage has occurred.  Absolutely recommend this work to anyone who is considering divorce.  No matter how bad, it can all be fixed. 

We had both had enough and divorce was looking like the best option, within 3 sessions everything shifted massively!  Love, Joy, Kindness, Touch and respect and reverence have returned to our home.  Its interesting to note that all the resentment, problems and stuff from the past is no longer an issue.  Just like that.  Monika and the work she does is Magic"

Saradee & Kelly Holton- NZ



A colleague of mine would often tell me about her relationship troubles, speaking of her husband like he was her worst enemy. I could tell that she was at her wits end, stressed, exhausted, feeling defeated. She often told me she felt  like divorce seemed like the only pathway to peace. 

" Let me help you" I said. 

This was the birth of Couples Sessions- Relationship Repair. 


During the 4 week couples package, we met weekly. I never in a thousand years thought I would see such a radical transformation in such a short period of time, but their relationship transformed in front of my eyes.

The first week, I could tell they couldn't stand to be in the same room together, let alone together at a table in front of a computer.  Her eyes tight with laser focus, jaw clenched and her body recoiled.  If she could have, I think she would have rolled up into a ball to get away from him.

He, sat there stone faced and cross armed. 

The energy was thick enough to be cut with a knife. 


But, regardless of how they felt, they both wanted "this to work" and were " willing to try"

Each week we worked through the underlying issues that plagued their relationship. 

By week 3, the shift was obvious- they went from feeling resentful, full of blame and victimhood to genuinely caring, showing a softening towards each other, tenderness and heart connection. 

Their shoulders touched while sitting beside each other, smiling and showing empathy and mutual support

The couple that I started working was magically transformed. 

Imagine this was you and your partner. 

It was one of the most beautiful things to witness. Love reignited. 

In couples work, offering a minimum of four-session packages instead of single sessions ensures a more comprehensive and effective treatment. Relationship Repair is a holistic approach that addresses physical, emotional, and relational issues, which often require multiple sessions to uncover and heal deeply rooted patterns. Here are the key reasons:

  1. Depth of Healing: Deep-seated issues often take time to surface and resolve. Multiple sessions allow for gradual exploration and healing.

  2. Consistency: Regular sessions build momentum and continuity, which are essential for meaningful progress and sustained benefits.

  3. Trust and Safety: Building a therapeutic relationship and a sense of safety takes time. A package ensures that couples have the time to develop trust in the process and in the practitioner.

  4. Commitment to Change: Committing to a package indicates a couple's dedication to their healing journey, increasing the likelihood of significant and lasting improvements.

  5. Holistic Approach: BodyTalk often involves integrating and balancing various aspects of the body-mind complex. Multiple sessions provide the space needed to address these aspects comprehensively.


Four-session packages provide a structured and supportive framework for effective and lasting transformation in couples work.


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