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"Monika holds such phenomenal space but also firmly holds you as well. Two sessions so far and each one profound. After one session 80% mobility returned to my injured arm. I am grateful beyond words for her support and highly recommend you experience the gift of Monika for yourself as it will open up your eyes and heart to the gift of you too." Marjolaine M Millet, CA

 "Every bit of my life was tainted by the past; my relationships with friends and family, my romantic relationships, my career, my living situation, my health. I avoided, escaped and self - sabotaged often not wanting to be hurt again. I couldn’t repair my life or move forward. Working with Monika helped me shift into my power, and from there all things are possible." 

Gracey, NY

"Monika is an excellent leader and has helped me recognize things about myself I was hiding deep down in my core, and also things I just didn’t know. She is very intuitive and empathetic, and shows lots of compassion and understanding when working with you. I appreciated the kindness she showed me as I was unfolding things that were happening in my soul. As I discovered and thought about things of the past, she helped me recognize things I was doing that were harmful to me and my life. Thank you Monika for helping me learn to self-reflect, heal and be kind and less judgmental towards myself. This life journey needs some guidance and direction at times, and I’m thankful I crossed paths with you." Lila, CA

"Monika is a gifted professional. She has provided me with helpful holistic services throughout my healing journey. She is the real deal! Thank you Monika for being authentic and telling it like it is. Your respectful and caring manner enabled me to feel at ease right from our very first session. Thank you Monika!" Joanne Burelle ON, CA

"Monika is absolutely wonderful. I recently completed the Restorative Healing Package (12 weekly sessions) and I am amazed at the positive shifts that took place in my life. There are no words to describe the magic that takes place during these sessions. Monika offered a safe and compassionate space for me to do some deep healing. When I first came to Monika, I was feeling constantly overwhelmed and stressed out by life in general as well as experiencing physical pain in different areas of my body. Over the 12 weeks, I was able to release so much that no longer served me and I gained a new perspective on different areas of my life as well as less physical pain. I now feel at peace in navigating life and I know I have the power within to address any challenges that come my way. Monika, thank you so much for assisting me in my ongoing healing journey. I am so grateful to have met you and I highly recommend your services." 

Janique C. ON, CA

" Immense gratitude for Monika!  She’s turned our relationship around from divorce to delightful again.  I like that there is no talking about the problems like you would with counselling!  You arrive at the session together, the real issues Monika reveals and it all mends itself like magic!  The insights and information she gives are literally priceless!  We have become one of those happy couples again. 

I went from hating my husband and life to loving it all and looking forward to the future.  The energy shift in the relationship and household is palpable.  I am absolutely blown away but Monika’s ability to swiftly get to the root cause, identify exactly what everyone is feeling and also highlight what was unknown.  It is unbelievable how quick the healing and repairing of my Marriage has occurred.  Absolutely recommend this work to anyone who is considering divorce.  No matter how bad, it can all be fixed. 

We had both had enough and divorce was looking like the best option, within 3 sessions everything shifted massively!  Love, Joy, Kindness, Touch and respect and reverence have returned to our home.  Its interesting to note that all the resentment, problems and stuff from the past is no longer an issue.  Just like that.  Monika and the work she does is Magic"

Saradee & Kelly Holton- NZ

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