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Shifting Stuck Emotions Into Energy


Emotions are our allies and are natural to our human experience. Though, through experience, beliefs and self judgment we often think there is something wrong with our emotional experiences trying to suppress, numb, or ignore our feelings. In this 7-session series, we will do a deep dive to uncover the root of stagnation, gently peeling away what no longer serves for your full health potential. We will shift unhealthy expressions of each emotion into healthy natural function -unhealthy grief( resignation) to surrender -unhealthy sadness( apathy) to restfulness -unhealthy joy( overexcitement) to ease of being -unhealthy worry ( over-thinking) to clarity of thought -unhealthy anger ( aggression) to movement -unhealthy fear ( people-pleasing) to thriving ( Will to live) Each session will unpack, unburden and create some space. BodyTalk sessions are holistic in every sense, tapping into your ability to heal body, mind and soul. These shifts ripple like waves out into your life. Thank you for calling in this sacred healing. Monika

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