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I had the pleasure to be reached out by Mystic Magazine based in California, USA. Please sit back, get cozy and happy reading. Check out their site!

A special thank you to Petar Vojinovic at Mystic Mag for offering me this opportunity.

Have you ever felt a calling deep within you, urging you towards a path you never expected? Today, Mystic Mag had a chance to interview Monika Marczuk, a Holistic Healer who discovered her true purpose through a unique combination of intuition, self-discovery, and a powerful nudge from the universe. In this article, she shares her inspiring journey from teacher to healer, revealing how she embraced her gift and now helps others unlock their full potential for well-being.

When did you first know that being an Holistic Healer was your calling and how did it come about?

I remember when I was 10 years old, I would breathe in white light, and exhale “ black”-meaning whatever was causing me pain or discomfort. I didn’t hear about this technique anywhere,certainly not from my parents.  I just knew that this would help me. My intuition was always very strong, and I was the odd duck of my family. 

I graduated with a double teaching degree, and taught for over 15 years. I remained drawn to the unknown, to energy medicine and seeking what hid below the surface. I was a closet healer. I studied various modalities, using my skill for myself,family and friends.

It was later in 2005 that my regular Reiki sessions became regular BodyTalk and BreakThrough sessions.I had fallen off the energy work wagon for 4 years. I had totally forgotten myself. I knew that I needed to support myself and required help. By some means of Divine intervention, I found my practitioner again in 2012. My soul and intuitive nudging led me back to myself. I found the help that I needed.

I re-started regular BodyTalk sessions and started to self-inquire, unlearning and gently peeling back years of conditioning and pain. I threw myself full-heartedly back onto the road of healing my body, mind and soul.

It was in 2014, the birth of my daughter changed everything for me professionally. I couldn’t believe the words that came flowing out of my mouth when my director asked me if I would be returning for the upcoming teaching year.  “ No, I won’t.” I said . 

I dusted off my healer side of me, took the courses I needed to certify as an International BodyTalk Practitioner, graduated as a Reiki Master, certified as a Ho’Oponopono Practitioner and Soul Responsibility Instructor, and officially opened my practice doors. 

I didn’t choose to be a Healer. It chose me. 

What services do you offer?

I offer BodyTalk sessions  in person and online. I teach online workshops and offer a variety of online self paced programs.

What exactly is BodyTalk and how does it work and help?

BodyTalk is consciousness based medicine helping your body communicate better internally, like fixing crossed wires in a circuit by ​addressing imbalances and stressors at the root source

 BodyTalk helps your body reset and heal naturally, similar to a system reboot. BodyTalk is a complete whole health care system which restores your body’s natural ability to heal to its maximal health potential whether your concern is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or environmental. 

Pain, discomfort and feelings of stress are all signaling for your attention.

You are not separate from your emotions, or your feelings, or your life

By addressing you as a whole person, by tending to your body, mind, and soul’s priority powerfully shifts your whole being into balance.

​BodyTalk is a  comprehensive healing system that calms, restores and rejuvenates by addressing imbalances at the root, releases stress and tension from your body, mind and soul.

Restoring your health and wellness to its full potential, giving rise to new ways of being.

Does BodyTalk help with mental disorders such as Anxiety and Depression?

Yes, many of my clients have experienced relief of stress, anxiety feeling rejuvenated, relaxed with renewed vitality and joyfulness.

What can a person expect from your sessions?

A BodyTalk session is a holistic therapy session aimed at improving overall health and well-being by addressing imbalances in the body and mind. Here’s what you can typically expect from a BodyTalk session

1. Initial consultation:

  • Discussion: The session usually begins with a discussion about your health history, concerns, and goals. I  may ask questions about your physical, emotional, and mental health.

2. Relaxation:

  • Comfortable Environment: You’ll be asked to lie down on a massage table .The environment is  quiet and relaxing to help you feel at ease. If your session is online via zoom, you will be asked to turn off all distractions and make sure you are either seated comfortably or lay down in a quiet location.

3. Muscle Testing:

  • Biofeedback: I  will use a technique called neuromuscular biofeedback (similar to muscle testing) to communicate with your body. This involves gently lifting your arm and monitoring for changes in muscle tone to identify areas of stress or imbalance. This technique is also used for long distance sessions as I tune into the session. 

4. Identifying Imbalances:

  • BodyTalk Protocol: I  use a comprehensive protocol chart to systematically identify areas that need attention. This could involve various systems of the body, emotional states, or environmental factors.

5. Techniques for Balancing:

  • Tapping: One common technique involves light tapping on the head, sternum, and abdomen. Tapping on the head is believed to help the brain to register the change, while tapping on the sternum (heart area) and abdomen is thought to aid in storing the information in the body’s cells.

  • Breathing: You may be asked to take deep breaths to assist in integrating the changes.

6. Reassessment:

  • Checking Progress: I reassess the areas of concern using muscle testing to see if the imbalances have been resolved.

7. Closing Discussion:

  • Feedback: At the end of the session, we  will discuss the findings and any shifts that occurred. I might also provide recommendations for follow-up sessions or self-care practices.

8. Duration and Frequency:

  • Session Length: A typical session lasts between 30 minutes to an hour maximum

  • Frequency: The number of sessions needed varies depending on individual needs and responses. Some people may feel significant changes after one session, while others might require multiple sessions.

9. Aftercare:

  • Post-Session Effects: After a session, you might feel relaxed, energized, or experience emotional releases. It’s important to drink plenty of water and rest if needed.

Benefits of BodyTalk:

  • Holistic Healing: Addresses physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

  • Non-Invasive: Gentle and non-invasive approach.

  • Personalized: Tailored to your specific needs and conditions.

  • Complementary: Can be used alongside other medical treatments and therapies.

Overall, a BodyTalk session is designed to help you achieve a greater sense of balance and well-being by addressing the root causes of any issues rather than just the symptoms

What do you love most about your profession?

I love witnessing my clients bloom- shifting from surviving to thriving. It is magical to see.

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