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Monika offers a range of group workshops based in holistic health knowledge and wisdom designed to support your growth, empower you to develop new skills and tools, help you reach your fullest potential.


"What a beautiful few hours I have just spent online with Monika looking at my connotations around  what responsibility is and what it means. She guided each of us through a struggle. I now have a deep feeling of compassion for myself and the people I had issues with. Monika was very gentle and kind and I felt very supported by her when I had my turn. Thank you Monika and the rest of the group. Feels like I am facing my fears and it is empowering. " Crystal H 

"This is a wonderful, transformative course. Monika is a skilled and dedicated instructor. I have been able to connect in a loving supportive way with myself and support emotional healing as well as create more awareness and compassion." Eliane. 

"I mean I keep coming back for more - this alone tells you a lot about how I feel regarding this work! Thank you, Monika!" Edgar B

Workshop Testimonials 

"I've taken this course ( Soul Responsibility)  multiple times and, still to this day, this work continues to amaze me. Thank you, Monika!" - Edgar B

"This class was an unearthing for me. Digging up ways I keep myself small and in victim mode. Monika has given me a tool to ask better questions, to understand how i show up in the world and experience life. Thank you!" G.T

"Wonderful class with a wonderful group. Looking forward to the class in August." E.A

"Soul Responsibility continues to surprise me. I'm grateful for the group work and the empowering shifts I've experienced as a result." L.R

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