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Couples Sessions

Reignite your connection, harmonize your energy

  • 4 hr
  • 800 Canadian dollars
  • Bonita Private

Service Description

 Couples Care Counseling with BodyTalk Therapy. 4 Session Couple Repairs Session Package Rediscover harmony and clarity in your relationship. Through the gentle yet powerful techniques of BodyTalk, we address the energetic imbalances that may be affecting your connection. ​Our experienced therapist facilitates a safe space for both partners to express themselves and explore the underlying dynamics of your relationship. With a focus on restoring balance and promoting communication, we guide you through personalized sessions tailored to your unique needs as a couple. ​Whether you're facing communication challenges, navigating conflicts, or simply seeking to deepen your connection, our holistic approach to couples therapy integrates BodyTalk principles with energy medicine to facilitate healing on multiple levels. ​Reconnect with your partner and rediscover the joy of being in sync. Book your session with Monika today and embark on a journey towards greater intimacy, understanding, and mutual support. ​This type of therapy can be particularly helpful in addressing issues such as: Emotional distance or disconnection Conflict and communication breakdowns Trust and intimacy issues Power struggles and control dynamics Emotional trauma and attachment wounds. In couples BodyTalk work, offering a minimum of four-session packages instead of single sessions ensures a more comprehensive and effective treatment. BodyTalk is a holistic approach that addresses physical, emotional, and relational issues, which often require multiple sessions to uncover and heal deeply rooted patterns. Here are the key reasons Depth of Healing: Deep-seated issues often take time to surface and resolve. Multiple sessions allow for gradual exploration and healing. Consistency: Regular sessions build momentum and continuity, which are essential for meaningful progress and sustained benefits. Trust and Safety: Building a therapeutic relationship and a sense of safety takes time. A package ensures that couples have the time to develop trust in the process and in the practitioner. Commitment to Change: Committing to a package indicates a couple's dedication to their healing journey, increasing the likelihood of significant and lasting improvements. Holistic Approach: BodyTalk often involves integrating and balancing various aspects of the body-mind complex. Multiple sessions provide the space needed to address these aspects comprehensively. ​

Cancellation Policy

I understand that all sessions provided by Monika Marczuk, Professional Holistic Practitioner, are intended to enhance relaxation and increase communication within the areas of the body. I understand that the healing system is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. I am aware that the practitioner does not diagnose illness or disease, nor does the Practitioner prescribe medications. I understand that participation in a healing session is voluntary and that at all times I may choose to end my participation. In addition, BodyTalk, Reiki entails light tapping and touching of energy points on the body. The practitioner will inform me where tapping and/or touching by the practitioner and/or myself will occur, thus allowing for my ongoing consent. I understand that information exchanged during any session is educational in nature and is to be used at my own discretion. I also understand that any information imparted during these sessions is confidential and will not be released without my prior written consent, except as required by law. I understand that by providing this informed consent I am assuming full responsibility for my healing session and I hold harmless the practitioner, health clinic, and facility/location where the session is provided. I agree to pay $ 130+tx CAD , plus a $10 processing fee. I agree to pay for my package that I chose in full. sessions and packages are to be paid in full in advance of service which confirms your appointment. *My rates are changing as of August 31,2024 to a rate of $185+CAD All packages will be offered at a discounted rate. Payment in credit card, interac email transfer, PayPal ,cheque or cash due in advance of service. Payment confirms your appointment time and date. Since the time has been especially reserved for me, I understand that a 48-hour cancellation notice is expected and missed appointments will be charged in full. I do not offer refunds on any services I provide. I am here to facilitate and support you to your highest potential of health and wellness, and part of that is requiring a commitment from you that you are fully invested in your health, healing session or session package, your health and healing are your responsibility.

Contact Details

  • 1006 Bonita Private, Priv, ON, Canada


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