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 Are you overwhelmed and exhausted, drained by feeling emotionally, physically and mentally depleted?
Your body, mind and soul have an innate power to heal deeply, I help by bringing attention to what needs immediate care helping your bodymind restoring it's natural healthy expressing, so that you can experience relief, rejuvenated, and well. The benefits of each individually tailored session unburden your body, mind and soul -the benefits  rippling through your entire life. 
It is time to feel good again 

Danielle's story

When Danielle first began sessions with me she told me she was felt like she was falling apart at the seams, exhausted, sick and tired of feeling tense, stressed and anxious. She would cry at the bat of an eyelid, anything would trigger her into a bough of tears. Over the 9 sessions of working together weekly, she transformed  as if by magic!  

Anxiety melted away, she was feeling calm, at peace, had a renewed perspective of herself and her life. 


Ladies, it is possible to THRIVE!  

Image by Aditya Saxena

Danielle's Words: 

"Monika has been an angel on earth for me. I experienced a lot of griefs in my life since I’ve been a child and recently lost my mother after a very long and painful illness of Alzheimer where I was also her caregiver, while navigating a very busy life. I found myself struggling after her passing more than I could have ever imagined, being overwhelmed with depression and anxiety, and feeling like I completely lost myself.

Monika has helped me connect with my inner self and heal wounds from my past, identify some of my unconscious patterns and thoughts that were limiting me, and helped me liberate myself and have a better sense of who I really am deeply inside while connecting with my true and authentic self.

Even though life’s experiences may be difficult at times, Monika helped me gain confidence and trust in myself that I am okay and understand that emotions are normal and impermanent, which makes them less overwhelming. I’m so thankful for reaching out to Monika during the hardest time of my life: words cannot express the gratitude I have for her help and guidance.


The work we do together is simply magic. I recommend anyone who is willing and open to heal deeply to reach out to Monika. She is a very special and kind person who truly cares to guide and accompany you through your healing journey with a lot of compassion and guidance." Danielle D.

Maybe you are thinking "is this really possible for me? I hear you. I've been there, and so have many of the amazing women I work with.

I help women get back  in touch with their authentic self, by addressing the ROOT of what ails you, keeps you stuck in feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, exhaustion and discomfort so that you can live more fully. It is possible to THRIVE

Whether you are emotionally tapped out, physically drained ( I used to feel like I was dragging around a bag of meat as a body) or mentally burdened ( why can't these thoughts just stop?)  I'm here to say there is another way, and I can help you.

You've come to the right place. 

Let's talk. Reach out. 

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