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“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot”


Integrative consciousness-based medicine is gentle, non-invasive, empowering and rejuvenating whole health care that understands the psychology of the body and the influence it has on your health.


Instead of focusing on the symptom it finds the hidden cause of illness, dis-ease, stress and pain by addressing you as a whole person and your whole story. What this means is that healing happens spontaneously, naturally at deep cellular levels addressing emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental aspects are as well.

I have worked with many clients who have felt drained, exhausted, stressed, experiencing physical, emotional, spiritual pain. There is another way! It is possible to have a fuller, more vibrant healthy life that is full  of joy.

I am here to be a flashlight of support while you are on your way to feeling more healthy, full of life, and relieving stress. It is possible to experience yourself and your life in a whole new way. 

I look forward to working with you. 

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BodyTalk is a gentle, non-invasive, effective Whole Health system that understands the psychology of the body and the influence it has on your health. Instead of focusing on the symptom it finds the hidden cause of illness, dis-ease, stress and pain by addressing you as a whole person and  your whole story. What this means is that natural healing happens spontaneously at deep cellular levels. Emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental aspects are considered as well.

All BodyTalk sessions are either held in office, over Zoom conferencing or recorded and emailed to you.

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Whole Health Care Session is designed to help you connect your body, mind, and soul and address pain and disease at the root. We understand the influence body psychology can have on your health and believe that true healing happens spontaneously when the whole person is addressed in each personalized session that will help you unlock your body's potential to heal itself. All of our sessions are tailored to your individual needs and focus on restoring balance and harmony.

30 min - 180.00$ +tx CAD

60min- $250.00+tx CAD


Exclusive Whole health Care Packages offer various options to deepen your relationship with yourself and embark on new adventures no matter where you are at on your healing journey. I offer different session package options and special rates to ensure that you can find something to meet your needs.  Packages are designed to give you the support, guidance, and care you need to live a healthier and more balanced life.


The Healy Biofrequency treatment is a holistic health device that uses microcurrents to deliver various vibration and frequencies to your body. By measuring the current state of your body's vibration with a Healy, and adding the frequency of your desired healthy state, the device can support our body's bio-energetic needs. In doing so, it stimulates the cells in the body with the right frequencies, helping to restore balance and harmony. With the Healy Biofrequency Treatment, you can get the support you need to achieve optimal balance and well-being.

15 minutes- $75+tx CAD

30 minutes $150+tx CAD

 Marjolaine M. Rose, CAN

Monika holds such phenomenal space but also firmly holds you as well. Two sessions so far and each one profound. After one session 80% mobility returned to my injured arm. I am grateful beyond words for her support and highly recommend you experience the gift of Monika for yourself as it will open up your eyes and heart to the gift of you too.

Gracey, NY

 Every bit of my life was tainted by the past; my relationships with friends and family, my romantic relationships, my career, my living situation, my health. I avoided, escaped and self - sabotaged often not wanting to be hurt again. I couldn’t repair my life or move forward. Working with Monika helped me shift into my power, and from there all things are possible.

Lila, FR

Monika is an excellent leader and has helped me recognize things about myself I was hiding deep down in my core, and also things I just didn’t know. She is very intuitive and empathetic, and shows lots of compassion and understanding when working with you. I appreciated the kindness she showed me as I was unfolding things that were happening in my soul. As I discovered and thought about things of the past, she helped me recognize things I was doing that were harmful to me and my life. Thank you Monika for helping me learn to self-reflect, heal and be kind and less judgemental towards myself. This life journey needs some guidance and direction at times, and I’m thankful I crossed paths with you.

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