BodyTalk is WholeCare System that addresses you as a whole person - physical body, mental body, emotional body, and environment. 


When all parts and systems of the body are in good communication with each other, homeostasis happens naturally, your body is designed to heal itself. However, stress, trauma, environmental factors can cause communication breakdowns within your bodymind, resulting in discomfort, pain, and dis-ease.


BodyTalk addresses breakdowns within the bodymind complex at the source, thus, balancing, restoring, renewing, and rejuvenating on all levels- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.


There is no limit to what BodyTalk can address, whether your concern is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, BodyTalk has specific techniques to balance and restore your overall health and well being.

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Allergies                                                              Depression

Headache/Migraines                                          Sports Performance

Back Pain                                                             Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue            Pre-natal/Post Natal Care                                  Arthritis

Insomnia and sleep disturbances                     Digestive Disorders

Phobias and Emotional Disturbances              Viruses and Infections              

Stress/Anxiety/Overwhelm                                Recovery after Injuries/ Trauma

"Monika holds such phenomenal space but also firmly holds you as well. Two sessions so far and each one profound. After one session 80% mobility returned to my injured arm. I am grateful beyond words for her support and highly recommend you experience the gift of Monika for yourself as it will open up your eyes and heart to the gift of you too."
Marjolaine Millette Rose